Leverage Members:

Why Join Leverage Buying Group?

In order to obtain pricing and privileges that are normally reserved for large chains. Reducing your purchasing costs is one of the few things you can control in your operations…

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Your In-House Purchasing Manager

A Leverage “pricing watchdog” to negotiate, track, manage and optimize your purchasing activities so you’re free to focus on running your business.

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Cost Savings

Pre-negotiated margins with broadliners and other vendors on food, beverage, disposables, paper products, chemicals, restaurant supplies, credit card processing and more.

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A Critical Tool for Today's Restauranteur

Independent restauranteur need to be financially savvy and market-wise in today's increasingly competitive environment. But with all that running a restaurant entails, smart, proactive management can be a huge burden. We understand. As a partnership of experienced restaurant owners, we've encountered the same pricing frustrations and market inequities that you face every day. That's why we created Leverage Buying Group, pooling the purchasing power of independent restaurant owners and food service providers into a powerful GPO to secure pricing advantages. Read More >>


Scott Litteral, Owner

Il Forno Classico, Gold River

"Joining LBG has been the single best action I have taken in running our restaurants in the past 5 years. We have seen a dramatic drop in our cost of good. The best part is that there are savings in all purchases, in the past vendors would give a great price on the main ingredients only to charge an over inflated price on something less watched."   Read More >>

Fred Haines, Owner

33rd Street Bistro Group, Sac

"LBG has proven to work, saving our restaurants over 17% on our purchases, reducing our food cost by over 3%."   Read More >>

Chef Ryan Rose

Zocalo Restaurant

"As a chef, I want to spend my time in the kitchen, not watching over fluctuation in cost of goods. Leverage gives me that freedom because they watch prices for me."   Read More >>

Reese Browning, Founder

Old Town Pizza, Lincoln/Auburn

"Since signing up with Leverage we have saved approximately 4% on our total food & paper costs. In addition to the savings we also appreciate having another business partner to discuss potential changes in our business. Leverage is easy to work with and very professional."   Read More >>