It’s Personal

We were started by 4 independent restaurant owners that wondered if there might be a way to save money on expenses by pooling their purchasing power when negotiating pricing with their vendors. That question was answered with a resounding yes!
We formed Leverage Buying Group in 2008 and have since recruited scores of restaurants, caterers, and independent hotels across the western United States. With the purchasing power of our membership, we are able to secure pre-negotiated prices that rival the big chains that we compete with every day.


Strength in Numbers

We need each other. The power of our service begins with each individual business owner that joins our group and they in turn gain the purchasing power of our membership as a whole. It’s a win-win situation and that is why our service is completely free. More members means more influence when we look to negotiate deals for items like food service, linens, credit card processing, and chemicals.

Gaining Control

Increasing labor costs and regulatory requirements are a concern for us all. By joining Leverage Buying Group, you are gaining control of some of your largest expense items. You will have piece of mind knowing that we have your back by including a valuable auditing system that guarantees that you pay only the negotiated prices—not a penny more. Best of all, we act as your in-house purchasing manager, continually negotiating lower prices across the board on the goods and services that you use every day.