LBG Attends PMA Conference in Monterey, California

Article & Photos By Michelle Horan, Director of Operations A few weeks ago I was invited by General Produce, our preferred produce vendor partner, as their guest to the PMA Conference. The PMA conference also coincided with the ProAct conference so I was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn about both organizations and how they work with growers, processors, manufacturers, suppliers and regulators to get produce to restaurants, grocery stores and our tables in the fastest, freshest and safest manner possible. 1 We were treated to field and plant tours at both Mann Packing Co and New Star Packing Co. Both companies provided a complete view of the cycle that takes produce from dirt to table and what a process it is, efficient, safe and full of current technology. We even saw a machine that had just been invented and put into service approximately 3 weeks before we got there. No pictures were allowed but I will tell you it was technology at its best. Faster, more cost efficient and gets the produce to you much quicker which help maintain the freshness. 2 At the end of the day I had a new respect for all that work hard to get us the tasty, nutritious and fresh produce that we enjoy every day without thinking of all it took to get there. I would encourage everyone to try and take at least one tour of this type of facility to get a better understanding of this process. 3 Thank you General Produce for your gracious generosity and for being a true partner to Leverage! 5