Our Program


LBG links together the buying power of our members to leverage extremely low-margin pricing from its vendors. Our substantial buying clout enables us to secure national contract pricing, manufacturer direct price deals, manufacturer rebates and major savings on various goods and services. As our membership grows, so does our ability to negotiate even deeper price cuts. And because we monitor member purchasing and track high volume items, we can continually re-negotiate manufacturer direct pricing to get the best deals.

Our group volume pricing strategies are saving current LBG members between 5-20% annually! It’s Easy to Start Saving Today

By taking just a few simple steps together, we can demonstrate the substantial savings – and immediate dollars – you’ll gain as a Leverage member.

  1. We schedule a brief, introductory meeting to present the LBG program and describe member benefits.

  2. We evaluate your current purchasing activity and conduct a comparative analysis of your current vendor pricing against LBG's consistent, competitive pricing available through our vendors.

  3. We meet with you to review your cost analysis, outlining your current costs vs. your costs as an LBG member to demonstrate how much we can save you.

  4. You decide whether to join our group based on your cost savings analysis and LBG mem bership benefits.